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A roof rack more commonly known as the roof bar is actually a bar set which is fixed on the roof of the automobiles. The roof rack is actually used for carrying various kind of luggage and many people also used it to carry and transport bicycles, skis and canoes as well. The roof rack offers the extra space to place the items and then these items could easily be travelled from one place to another. Since these extra items is on the roof of the car therefore, the space inside the car is not disturbed at all and not only could the luggage could be transported but as well as the people. Although there are roof racks in some automobiles which are customized for only some kind of the luggage and these are made resistant to all kind of the intense weathers so that the luggage could be transported safe and undamaged. Visit https://www.bosscoauto.com.au/our-products/roof-basket/ for roof rack basket.

The history of the roof racks:

The nudge bars Australia are not the modern invention. However, there has been many evolutions in its design but it has been in use for quite a long time. In the era of the 1970, the rain gutters were very common with the automobiles and these provided the automobile an accessory for attaching the roof rack whenever required. Although after this era, the rain gutters in the vehicle were designed hidden in the car and there was not a car by the 1980 and 1990 that had external rain gutters in it. Now roof racks are designed in such a way that these are secured on the roof of the car and could be attached to any type of the automobile.

The many types of the roof racks:

The roof racks could even be attached to all the modern cars as well. The components that you require is the fitting pieces, crossbars, towers and the mounts and your car is ready to have the roof rack. There is variety of the roof racks and you can have the one that goes well with your car and these have been categorized in multiple types. The rain gutters which were the earliest type of the roof rack provided the direct attachment to the surroundings of the roof. Then there is bare roof which are designed for the modern cars having no gutters and, in these cars, the only way to install the roof rack is by hooking it to the doors. Fixed points are installed in some automobiles for attaching of the roof racks and it has screw holes already installed in it. Then there are side rails and factory bars as well in some vehicles which also have different mechanism for installation of the roof rack.

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