What Are The Occasions When Women Wear High Heels?

What Are The Occasions When Women Wear High Heels?

A woman is the main shining or the limelight of any occasion. When there are no women in any occasion then that occasion or together look so dull. Women basically add charm to their surrounding by their presence and no one can deny it. A woman looks even more beautiful and graceful by her appearance. When she gets her makeup done, wears the best colour dress and wear the matching footwear and carry a purse completes the whole preparation. She looks elegant and attractive.

All the accessories that she carries shows the taste of a woman. Usually, women like to wear high heels in different occasion because they feel that they give an additional attraction to their personality which she actually wants.

The Occasions for Wearing Heels

Let’s have a look at the occasions where women like to wear high heels.

  • Convocation:

A convocation is the best and memorable day in anyone’s life. Not only for a person who is being graduated but also for parents and siblings. They are equally happy. They present the dress along with the accessories to her daughter so that she looks stunning on her day. A pair of high heels is a must because it gives a complete look.

  • Wedding Function:

If it’s your wedding or you have been invited as a guest in a wedding, you have to wear high heels. As it is a formal function, all the women coming over there shall wear high or small heels. But heels are a must to wear on the day of wedding.

  • Formal Meeting:

We know that as a corporate person, we have to attend the dinners, exhibitions and other formal events with the delegation and the organisation. We are basically representing our company so we have to look very presentable. The first is always everything. People judge us from our dressing and what we are carrying before speaking to us. So, we have to carry the graceful things including the shoes with heels.

  • Office:

It is kind of a dress code in an office that we have to wear heels. It is a mandatory for all the women to wear heels as it gives a touch of looking for formal. We need to meet different people belonging to different cultures so we have to respect their culture as well.

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