Bill Cella, host of MAD MOOLAH, was founder, venture capitalist and the driving force behind Palm Beach Rox.  He started in the apparel industry in New York and quickly rose through the ranks to become President of Olla Industries and Members Only.  During his long successful tenure, Bill developed a multitude of national and international contacts and partnerships.  

After moving to Florida, Bill decided to capitalize on his previous experience by becoming involved in the venture capital arena.  He formed C&C Vencap Corp. (now CCVC, Inc.) in 1995 and has successfully funded a myriad of start-up, developmental stage and early stage business ventures. 

With his wife ROX CELLA as the host, he began producing the TV show, “Palm Beach Rox”, in 2003.  The show attracted a significant devoted viewing audience. 

Bill has served and continues to serve on Boards of Directors for a variety of companies.  


"Bill Cella is a business visionary in the truest sense of the words. Following his success building a retail clothing empire, he founded and launched Palm Beach Rox, the beloved celebrity-oriented television show that has captured the hearts and minds of some of the wealthiest communities in the United States. His RoxWorld.Tv website is rapidly gaining market share, and in my view represents one of the best value proposition for advertisers around. Bill's integrity is reflected in the countless business relationships and partners he has attracted over the years. He is a superb guy and a pleasure to know."
Tadd Rosenfeld
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