Millions of people are abandoning mainstream and network news. They’re seeking independent voices powered by the people – not mega corporations.  They want investigations and reports on issues that really matter.  They want to be entertained, educated, informed and inspired.  

This is where you and the Mad Broadcasting Network come in.

We want to partner with you!  Help us make a difference.  “Making A Difference” is the acronym for MAD.  It is the reason behind everything we do on our network.  Partnering with us empowers you to drive the content and allows us to be a truly independent and trusted source. We have the passion, the tools and the talent to accomplish this. We simply need your ongoing support so that we can continue our efforts full-time and employ a staff to help take us to the next level!

You are the key.  Commit just a small monthly contribution supporting a genuine effort to produce quality programming so we can educate and activate the people of the world!  

Don’t wait any longer.  Get started as a MAD Donor of THE MAD BROADCASTING NETWORK for as little as $1 per month.

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