JEN EASTWOOD, host of MAD PREPPING and co-host of MAD REAL,  is a preparedness and disaster relief enthusiast and certified CERT instructor. She loves to share her passion for helping people become prepared––especially with food storage.  Preparedness has been a driving force for Jen  since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  She felt in her heart that she should help the victims, so she marshaled her own resources along with others and volunteered support.  That was the true start of her disaster relief mission.

Jen now helps others with networking and resourcing in every aspect of family preparedness.  She realizes that supporting the prepping family keeps America alive and strong by teaching them to prepare themselves for the unknown, save money and get through the tough times one can of soup at a time. 

Jen believes that baby steps and not being overwhelmed is the key and that just doing a little here and there goes a long way!   She was raised with the core values of God, Family, Community and Country.  Realizing the drift to the left of all of the political parties, she dropped her ‘R’ 10 + years ago and proclaimed herself an Independent Conservative Constitutionalist.

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