Anthony Cadorniga, known to many as ‘The Liberty Columnist’, is an independent investigative journalist with a focus on combating the phony, dishonest narratives of the failing mainstream media with uncensored, accurate reporting of the facts.  A passionate focal point of The Liberty Columnist’s work is shedding light onto the international epidemic of sex trafficking, pedophilia, and ritualistic child abuse. His work is heavily immersed in investigating networks of individuals, businesses, and other entities involved in these crimes and building investigative reports and video journals of the many findings and observations.

In 2016, Anthony started a channel on YouTube covering multiple topics and news events until recently in February 2018, his channel was deleted by YouTube through a targeted mass sweep of censorship.  Thousands of other truth-telling channels were terminated overnight by YouTube, but The Liberty Columnist has chosen not to back down; not to be silenced.  There is still so much work to do, especially now that truth-telling has been heavily thwarted by social media giants including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  

Majoring in Political Science, Anthony’s passions include religiously reading books in Political Theory and Philosophy, Austrian Economics, Law and Justice, and Natural Medicine. He is currently directing and producing a documentary entitled ‘KIDS INC.’ exposing child abuse and child sex trafficking as it relates to the legal kidnapping done through the persistent and immoral efforts of Child Protective Services.  

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