According to a recently published article in The New Yorker, New York State’s highest-ranking law-enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, faces accusations by four women who say he was physically violent with them.  The irony is not lost on any of us who have been following the #MeToo movement and are aware that Schneiderman has been a very strong voice against sexual misconduct.  Not only did Schneiderman use his authority to take legal action against Harvey Weinstein,  he demanded greater compensation for the victims of Weinstein’s alleged sexual crimes!

What is most compelling here is how closely intertwined this story is with that of the NXIVM case.  Eric Schneiderman was, after all, the Attorney General who would have received the complaints of each and every individual who had the courage to report NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and his coherts for the abuses they suffered while involved with the cult.  We now know why he chose to ignore them, dismiss them, and likely scoffed at them.  Schneiderman liked to beat and starve women himself, and believed that women secretly enjoyed being raped.

It would not be in the least bit surprising should we discover in the weeks to come that Schneiderman knew Raniere and/or other members of NXIVM, and we can certainly expect many more allegations will surface.

It should be noted that under public scrutiny and pressure,  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office DID eventually file a court case in early March of this year, asking a judge to order Clare Bronfman and Dr. Brandon Porter to turn over their records related to brain-activity and other human behavioral studies. However, he decided to suspend the probe following the March 25th arrest of Keith Raniere on federal charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

Let’s take a look at the allegations against Schneiderman.

There were two victims named in The New Yorker story; Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam.

According to Barish, one night, in the bedroom of Schneiderman’s Upper West Side apartment, he backed her up to the edge of his bed and slapped her with so much force across the face that it landed a blow directly onto her ear.  “My ear was ringing.  I lost my balance and fell backward onto the bed. I sprang up… he pushed me back down.  He then used his body weight to hold me down, and he began to choke me.  The choking was very hard….  I was being beaten by a man… I was crying and in shock.”

Michelle Manning Barish says her ear bothered her for months.  She kept hearing odd gurgling sounds.  Once, blood trickled out, reaching her collarbone.  She sought medical attention and a doctor confirmed to The New Yorker that she removed “dried bloody crust” from Manning Barish’s ear.

Here is a list of stunning accusations made by Barish regarding Schneiderman:

  • He controlled what she ate.  Even when she was emaciated he squeezed her legs and called them “chubby.”
  • He would drink two bottles of wine then bring Scotch to the bedroom.
  • He took prescription tranquilizers.
  • He told her that if she ever left him he would kill her.

As a result of the physical abuse she suffered from ringing in her ears, and vertigo, after the breakup, Barish sought medical help from an ear, nose, and throat specialist

Tanya Selvaratnam met Schneiderman in 2016 and began dating.  Schneiderman began physically abusing her as well.

Here are some of the allegations Selvaratnam has made about Schneiderman:

  • Schneiderman was obsessed with having a threesome said it was her  job to find a woman and would hit her until she agreed.
  • Schneiderman told her to call him Master, and would slap her until she did.
  • Schneiderman slapped her across the face, back and forth, with open hand, spat at her and choked her.
  • Schneiderman said he would have to kill her if she broke up with him.  He also told her he could have her followed and could tap her phone.

There is a lot more that can be said about Schneiderman’s character and the havoc he has wreaked.

When it came to individuals he personally disliked, including (but not limited to) Rob Ortt, George Maziarz and Steve Pigeon, Schneiderman used his political power to go after them.

Steve Pigeon, along with George Maziarz engineered a State Senate coup in 2009 when Schneiderman got overthrown as Deputy Speaker of the Senate. Although Schneiderman immediately vowed vengeance, there was nothing he could do until be became Attorney General.  Then, using his political clout, he went after Pigeon and Maziarz on false charges.  Maziarz wound up with a misdemeanor election violation and $1,000 fine but his life and career were nearly destroyed.  Schneiderman also indicted Ortt – but the case  was dismissed post indictment.

Make no mistake about it Schneiderman is the type of man that not only holds a grudge but will seek revenge against those who go up against him!

Schneiderman has a contentious history with President Trump.  The president has mocked him relentlessly on social media, clearly aware of Schneiderman’s reputation.  In September, 2013 he tweeted “Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman.  Is he a crook?  Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner.”

Just three months later Donald Trump would file a complaint against Schneiderman respectfully requesting that the New York State Join Commission on Public Ethics commence an investigation into the misconduct of New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.

In November 2016 New York Attorney General Schneiderman filed and won a $25 million lawsuit against Donald Trump after a lengthy investigation into allegedly fraudulent practices at Trump University.  According to President Trump, although it has always been his vow to never settle cases, he settled to put the matter behind him.  Why would he have done this?  (We’ll get to that at a later date.)

Then in June of last year Schneiderman launched an investigation into the Eric Trump Foundation over allegations the organization funneled money through charity golf outings, which raised millions for St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

Then in August 2017,  Schneiderman began working with Robert Mueller on the case against Paul Manafort.  Politico reported about Schneiderman’s passionate determination to assist Robert Mueller in getting to the bottom of alleged Russian collusion with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on its investigation into Paul Manafort and his financial transactions, according to several people familiar with the matter.

The cooperation is the latest indication that the federal probe into President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman is intensifying. It also could potentially provide Mueller with additional leverage to get Manafort to cooperate in the larger investigation into Trump’s campaign, as Trump does not have pardon power over state crimes.

The two teams have shared evidence and talked frequently in recent weeks about a potential case, these people said. One of the people familiar with progress on the case said both Mueller’s and Schneiderman’s teams have collected evidence on financial crimes, including potential money laundering.

No decision has been made on where or whether to file charges. “Nothing is imminent,” said one of the people familiar with the case.

Two months later, Mueller filed several indictments against Manafort for money laundering and money bank fraud, charges Manafort ardently denies.

In the wake of all of these allegations against Eric Schneiderman which one of his friends and political allies will stand by him?

Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have both expressed disapproval over the Attorney General’s alleged actions, insisting they were in the dark about his drug use and how Schneiderman treated the women in his life.   Cuomo, who immediately called for Schneiderman’s resignation Monday evening,  clearly understood how much was at stake for him politically.  Now that Cynthia Nixon, former Sex and the City actress, has announced her plans to run for Governor of New York, the last thing Cuomo wanted to do was not show support for the women who had come forward with their charges against Schneiderman.  To do so would be career suicide!  But with Cuomo’s campaign manager from his 2010 and 2014 races, convicted on bribery charges  in March of this year, and former DeBlasio administrative employee who was charged with possession of child porn in March 2017, it would not surprise me in the least if Cuomo or DeBlasio found themselves in the line of fire with some kind of allegations made against THEM in the coming weeks and months ahead.

It will also be very interesting to see if George Soros and family continue to stand by their friend Eric Schneiderman.  We looked into Schneiderman’s donors and were not surprised at all to discover a connection to anti-Trump money-man George Soros and his sons.  The Soros family donated $110,000 to Schneiderman in just the last three years alone!   Alex Soros revealed his close relationship with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in an Instagram post, taken in August 2016.  (A picture says a thousand words!)

Three hours after the publication of The New Yorker article, Schneiderman resigned from his position and issued the following statement:

 “While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time,” he said in a statement. “I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.”

-Written by Robin Basiliki

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