A Child’s Voice is a supernatural thriller about a homeless teenage boy who hears the voice of a child calling for help and embarks on a journey to track down the child’s killer.


No Restrictions Entertainment focuses on making feature films that deal with current social issues which entertain and have an emotional impact.  The stories told come from people they have known, interviewed and contain a point of view about what they believe is true.   Their goal in telling these stories is to show the complexities of an issue and at the same time, profile the incredible possibilities for human endurance, resilience, and hope.


Writer/Director Edgar Bravo has explored the residual effects of the North American and Latino culture clash. During his studies at the UCLA graduate school of film (MFA, 1993), Mr. Bravo’s film “Mi Casa”, which dealt with Latino immigrants in L.A., won the grand prize at the A&E national film competition.   This prestigious award helped launch his directorial career and Mr. Bravo took on his next challenge: “Mi Hermano” which was the first drama to deal with the ramifications of AIDS and Latino immigrants. This poignant, edgy film garnered Mr. Bravo a Cine Eagle award and was broadcast nationally on Univision and PBS.

After receiving his Masters of Fine Arts from UCLA with honors, Mr. Bravo wrote and directed the feature I’ll Love You Forever… Tonight (1992), which won national rave reviews including the L.A. & N.Y. Times. The project co-starred Thomas Jane (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, 61*, Dreamcatcher). Phaedra released the film nationally. 

Video distribution was handled by BlockBuster and Hollywood Video. Lumiere Films (producers of ‘Leaving Las Vegas’) saw I’ll Love You Forever tonight and hired him to complete Venus Rising (1995), a feature that required a re-write and re-shoots. They were so pleased with Mr. Bravo’s take on the material, that they hired him to write the feature “The Perfect Husband”. Mr. Bravo’s film “Mi Hermano” was viewed by Columbia-Tri-Star and Telemundo and led to his first directorial stint in television. Mr. Bravo shot an hour-long episode of Reyes y Rey (1998), a popular police drama based in a fictional Latino border town. The episode received such high ratings that he was contracted to direct two episodes of their other co-production “Angeles”, a Latino version of ‘Charlie’s Angels.


Producer, John Paul Rice began his film career in Georgia working on Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington and WE WERE SOLDIERS, starring Mel Gibson.

In 2001, John landed a position at the Los Angeles film finance, sales and production company Senator International (which later became Mandate Pictures) led by industry veteran Joseph Drake (THE HUNGER GAMES, JUNO, THE GRUDGE, HAROLD AND KUMAR). Under Joe’s leadership, John developed an interest in producing independent feature films

In 2008, Mr. Rice partnered with director Edgar Michael Bravo to form No Restrictions Entertainment and produced the critically acclaimed indie drama One Hour Fantasy Girl The following year (2009), they produced the psychological drama The Magic Stone and returned the next year (2010) as a duo for the dramatic thriller Mother’s Red Dress

In 2012, Bravo and Rice created the compelling supernatural thriller Monster Killer. All four films dealt with challenging social issues while telling an entertaining and original narrative story. The team is now in preparation for their 5th feature with Julie Loves to Gamble.

It’s hard out there for indie filmmakers.   Especially, if you’re producing psychological thrillers about lost causes. Writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo  along with Producer John Paul Rice did not let that stop them.   Mad Broadcasting Network  host Rox Cella  sat down with Bravo and Rice to learn more about their latest film, A Child’s Voice, premiering June 6th in Los Angelos

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