In a world that has become dark and cold, Clay Stratford finds himself the unlikely leader of a motley band of survivors as they struggle to scratch out an existence amongst the hostile aftermath left behind by the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. With no electricity, no government, and no help, they push themselves through the hardships of life without modern comforts. Battling the extreme new elements, they find themselves fighting against feral animals, roaming cannibals, and their own sanity, doing their best to adapt to life in the newly formed and sunless world as they search for food, water, and safety.

Robert Bartlett is an author of Science Fiction, horror, and thriller novels that lives in Charlotte, NC.  He was born in Northern Virginia and spent much of his early life traveling around before settling down just outside of Charlotte, NC.  He is a happily married father of four that enjoys motorcycles, sports, and nature.


Cole Murphy glides down the road on his custom chopper enjoying the cool autumn serenity of the North Carolina mountains. Harboring a terrible secret, his mind is lost in worrying about the impact that such a secret will have on his life and the lives of his family when he is caught in the maelstrom of a disastrous traffic accident. Losing control of the motorcycle amid the debris that litters the pavement, he is sent careening over the edge of an embankment, plummeting to land at the edge of a fast-moving mountain creek thirty feet below. Sore and bruised, he awakes as night is settling in with no memory of the accident, who he is, or the secret. The clock is ticking as he flees the area frightened and alone into the countryside. As his family frantically searches for him, can he rediscover who he is before time runs out?

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