We are taught from a young age to respect law enforcement. But what do we do when we learn just how corrupt some law enforcement is?

We’ve all heard the stories about bad cops and how the good cops are slandered even though they outnumber the bad cops.

In the case of the FBI it is very different.  In the FBI we have seen how the top have influenced all of the agency to follow behind in their errors and their failure to protect citizens of this country.

Off the top of my head I can list at least 4 attacks in this country that the FBI failed to prevent despite warnings from concerned citizens.  In the case of the Boston bombing they were even warned by the CIA and Russia but chose to ignore these warnings.

San Bernardino, Boston, Orlando, Parkland. These are just 4 attacks in the last 5 years. Each of them could have been prevented had the FBI done its job and investigated the people responsible.

But now we are learning just how corrupt the top brass of the FBI is.  Instead of protecting Americans the partisan leaders focused their energy on a witch hunt that has produced 0 evidence in almost 2 years. And now we have learned the father of the terrorist responsible for the Orlando attacked was working as an informant for the FBI.  The same FBI receiving warnings about his son.

But let us forget the son for a moment. That the FBI was even working with him should alarm you. The father was releasing videos on the internet where he ranted about his support for the Taliban, Sharia law and his hatred for gays. He was allowed in the country which means we did not screen for mental health issues.

I would say an insane hatred for homosexuals and support for raping children, enslaving Africans and whipping rape victims would qualify as a mental illness.

How did the FBI miss this? Were they so consumed with finding dirt on conservative candidates running for President of the United States that they ignored all of the warnings about a kid in Orlando telling people he wanted to kill gay people while expressing his hatred of black people?

And when these warnings came did not one agent connect the suspect with his father that was working with them? Or did they immediately connect the 2 and dismiss the son as a favor to Daddy?

I’m outraged that this attack wasn’t prevented. I’m disgusted that the FBI was working with this monster UP UNTIL THE DAY of the attack.  And look what took place after!  Hillary Clinton invited this Sharia savage informant to a political rally where he could be seen in a front row seat with a pro-Hillary sign.  This was after he went on national television and condemned gays. His son targeting gays did nothing to change his hateful opinion as he described how God will punish gays.

I am optimistic that the FBI can be fixed. I do not believe every agent is as incompetent or corrupt as the leaders who gave them their orders.

Trump made a great move in firing Comey and Jeff Sessions followed up by getting rid of his ally and a Clinton supporter who was eager to use the agency’s resources on political witch hunts rather than protecting Americans. I hope the agents who worked under these corrupt leaders recognize what has happened. Things are changing. Partisan leaders are not wanted. Corrupt leadership is not needed. America suffered more terrorist attacks on US soil during Obama’s presidency than all other US Presidents combined.

That is their legacy as well as Barry’s.

Content Contributed By —Paul O’Brien

Provided by the Mad Broadcasting Network

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