Posted on April 27, 2020 by Vivaldo Mazzanti

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Strong and hard materials have always been a point of attraction whenever there is a question of durability and strength iron is considered as the most important aspect, for example: construction, building material and/or making or building gates (iron gates etc.). There are other materials too which can solve the purpose of strength and style. Talking about style and strength brings us to the topic of steel. Steel is a material which provides complete package involves everything. Certainly, there are some physical and chemical properties of steel, which are still unknown to most of us. So, let’s roll on to some of the weird characteristics of steel, which is unknown, and one must know and understand it as this is something unreal

Flexible more than elastic:

Being flexible is something different from steel perspective. There are some different definitions of being flexible. Apparently there is no flexibility feeling when we see a piece or a rod of steel but, if we try and research a bit, steel is more flexible than elastic because when we decompose; it goes back rapidly to its original position or shape, which makes it evidently more flexible than elastic. Steel has some weird characteristic after decomposition.

Different types and grades of steel:

Obviously those who are not from a manufacturing background don’t know that steel is something which is available in different varieties, grades and types. There is a wide range of steel available in different gauges, alloys and grades. As per the study there are almost 3450 different grades of steel which are easily available in the market and another fun fact about this material is that 70% of new steel has been developed in the last 15 years. This is not the end still research is conducted in order to explore more and more about steel and facts about steel.

Wastage and recycling:

Many steel alloys and types have ferromagnetic properties which certainly allow it to separately itself from a solid waste stream, which makes it easier for the user to decompose, recycle or place it in the wastage. To astonish the reader of this article, no matter how many times we decompose steel it never loses its properties, which makes it a sustainable material by all means.

Scrap business:

Scrap which has not become something really lucrative in the field of business, certainly people has started to earn from it and are involved in this business for years now. It is another astonishing fact that 65% of the scrap is from steel. Certainly after thrashing, shredding the extra surface of the steel the residual becomes the scrap. Usually the parts of steel, screws, nails, nuts and sheets are the primary sources of scrap materials. Visit Palmer Steel Industries to find out more details.



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