What Is The Difference Between Dentist And A Doctor?

Posted on March 24, 2020 by Vivaldo Mazzanti

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There are many different professions in this world. Each and every field serves the humanity or community in one way or another. Even though every field should be equally respected and appreciated but we have seen that the profession of medicine is the most appreciated one and why should not that be? They are the people who selflessly perform their duties to save other human lives. Let us take an instance of the current outbreak of the corona virus. In the times; where everyone is quarantined in their own homes, it is only the medical professionals who go out and fight with this dreadful virus. So, the point we are trying to make is that this profession definitely deserve each and every ounce of the respect and appreciation that people give it to them. The field of medicine is run by various groups of people; these groups of people include doctors, surgeons, dentists, pharmacist, nurses and many other such medical professionals. In this article, we will be discussing about the difference between a doctor and a dentist.


A doctor is the medical professional who has attained the degree of bachelors in medicine and science. He has completed his internship and is now qualified to practice his job. A doctor can further be divided into different categories on the basis of his qualification. If he has done specialisation is specific body parts then he is known as a specialist. A specialist that specialises in heart is known as a heart specialist and the one who specialises in treating children’s diseases is known as a children specialist. Everybody part excluding the oral portion (teeth, gums and jaws) can be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Then there are surgeons who can operate the body parts as well.


A dentist is also a medical professional like a doctor but he has attained a degree of bachelors in dentistry. He is specialised in treating each and every kind of issue and condition related to the oral portion of the human beings. Jaws, gums and teeth come under the category of the oral portion. A dentist provides the services of treating the tooth aches and carrying out the dental surgeries if needed. They also provide the service of cosmetic dentistry in which you can get your teeth whitened and aligned. Dental implant is another service which is provided by the dentists. In fact, everything that is related to the jaws, gums and teeth of human beings are diagnosed, treated and cured by the dentists.


A doctor is the medical professional who treats is qualified to diagnose and treat every part of the body except the oral portion (teeth, gums and jaws). On the other hand, a dentist from Coolangatta is the medical profession who can only diagnose and treat the medical conditions related to the jaws, teeth and gums of the human beings. “Tweed Banora dental” offers the best services of dentist.

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